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Famous alumni celebrated

2017 : Rembert Dodoens

Father of Botanic (1517-1585)

Dodoens is known for his "Cruydeboeck", a masterpiece detailing botanic sciences. Remarkably for the time then, it was published in Flemish, and even more remarkable, in the dialect of Mechelen...

He was born in Mechelen, a town between Antwerp and Brussels, and at that time famous, as it was the Capital of the Netherlands and the seat of Emperor Charles The Fifth's Regent (Rembert's father was the private physician of Margaret of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands). He studied in Leuven and obtained his degree in medicine in 1535. He became City Physician, but the times where not easy, with e.g. the Eighty Years War and the tensions between the southern and northen parts of the Netherlands. 

Funny thing: he refused an offer to become professor in Leuven, allegedly because the salary was below his standards. He did become private physician of Emperor Maximillian II in Vienna, and returned to the Netherlands to become professor in Leiden.  

2016 : Georges Lemaitre

Father of the Big Bang Theory (the real one!).

Lemaitre, esteemed colleague of Albert Einstein, catholic priest and war hero utilized Einstein's equations on relativity for the first time to cosmology and the origin of the universe. 

2015 : Ban Ki-moon

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon becomes an honorary doctor of our University (May 28, 2015).

2014 : Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius (celebrated in New York on Jan19, 2015, on the occasion of the Leuven Exhibit Oct 2014 - Jan 2015). Vesalius entered our university at 1528, left for a while for Paris, and continued and finished his study in Leuven. 

Notable Alumni in the past 590 years

Coming up in 2017:

Rembert Dodoens, Piet De Somer and Christian De Duve.

Alumnus in the spotlight

Under construction - suggestions for notable Alumni living in the States and having a great story to tell on their journey that brought to their life today, are very welcome!

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